Alonso Ramírez

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2001 Institute of Ecology, University of Georgia, USA.

Ph.D. Ecology


1997 Institute of Ecology, University of Georgia, USA.

M.S. Conservation Ecology & Sustainable Development

1994 Universidad Nacional, Costa Rica.

B.S. Tropical Biology





Ecología Acuática / Stream Ecology

Ecology of aquatic systems with emphasis on rivers.

Ecology of aquatic insects and the role they play in ecosystems and their productivity.

Taxonomy and systematic of aquatic insects, with emphasis on immature stages or larvae




Ramírez, A., & L.R. Hernández-Cruz. 2004. Aquatic insect assemblages in shrimp-dominated tropical streams, Puerto Rico. Biotropica 00:00-00.

Ramírez, A., & C.M. Pringle. 2004. Do macroconsumers affect insect responses to a natural stream phosphorus gradient? Hydrobiologia 515:00-00.

Ramírez, A. 2004. Ecological Research and the Costa Rican Park System. Ecological Applications 14:25-27.

Ramírez, A., C.M. Pringle, & L. Molina. 2003. Effects of stream phosphorus levels on microbial respiration. Freshwater Biology 48: 88-97.

Ramírez, A. & C.M. Pringle. 2001. Spatial and temporal patterns of invertebrate drift in streams draining a Neotropical landscape. Freshwater Biology. 46: 47-62.

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BIOL 5540 Limnologia - Introducción a los principios básicos de la limnología.

Cubriendo aspectos fisicos, químicos, y biológicos de diferentes tipos de cuerpos de agua.

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