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Nicholas Brokaw

Nicholas Brokaw




1970 Princeton University

1980 University of Chicago





My research concerns the patterns and causes of the diversity in forest structure and tree species community composition in tropical forest.

Most research takes place in the Luquillo Forest Dynamics Plot, in the Luquillo Mountains, Puerto Rico.




Brokaw, N., and R. T. Busing. 2000. Niche versus chance and tree diversity in forest gaps. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 15:183-188.

Thompson, J., N. Brokaw, J. K. Zimmerman, R. B. Waide, E. M. Everham, III, D. J. Lodge, C. M. Taylor, D. García-Montiel, and M. Fluet. 2002. Land use history, environment, and tree composition in a tropical forest. Ecological Applications 12:1344-1363.

Foster, D., F. Swanson, J. Aber, I. Burke, N. Brokaw, D. Tilman, and A. Knapp. 2003. The importance of land-use legacies to ecology and conservation. BioScience 53:77-88.

Rice, K., N. Brokaw, and J. Thompson. 2004. Liana abundance in a Puerto Rican forest. Forest Ecology and Management 190:33-41.

Brokaw, N., S. Fraver, J. S. Grear, J. Thompson, J. K. Zimmerman, R. B. Waide, E. M. Everham III, S. P. Hubbell, and R. B. Foster. Disturbance and canopy structure in two tropical forests. Pages 177-194 in E. Losos and E. G. Leigh, Jr. (eds.). Tropical Forest Diversity and Dynamism: Results from a Long-Term Tropical Forest Network. Universty of Chicago Press, Chicago, USA.

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Biology 6190 - Advanced Ecology: Tropical Forest Ecology
The goal of this course will be to connect principles of tropical forest ecology with relevant management issues. However, the emphasis will be on ecology, as a prerequisite for thoughtful consideration of management. Subjects will include, for example: tropical forests in the global context; tree life histories, populations, and communities; forest dynamics; plant-animal interactions; evolution and biodiversity; deforestation and fragmentation; indigenous people; economics of exploitation; conservation strategies. Student writing and speaking skills will be emphasized.

Biology 3111 - Ecology

Introduction to principles in Ecology

Research Group

Pedro Anglada Cordero

Ecology of rare tree species.

Adriana Herrera Montes    ahemontes@hotmail.com

Herpetofauna communites in secondary forests.





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