REU Summer Internship: Tropical Ecology and Evolution in Puerto Rico

Institute for Tropical Ecosystem Studies, University of Puerto Rico


Frequently asked questions:

Q. What are the dates for the Summer REU program at El Verde Field Station?
A. For summer 2012, the dates are May 28 - August 3.

Some schools end their terms in June. If you are accepted in the program, we will work with you to find the best solution, so you can start with us as soon as possible without compromising your academic year.

Q. About school transcripts. It is not clear to me whether or not the program requires an official transcript. 
A. We do not require official transcripts. You can send us unofficial transcripts downloaded from your university web site or a copy of a recent original. We will contact you if we have questions about your grades and courses.

Q. Are letters of recommendation send via e-mail? or should a hard copy be sent through the mail as well? 
A. Letter must be submitted via e-mail by the person writing the letter. E-mail: reu@ites.upr.edu

Q. Would it be okay for me to submit a brief resume with the application materials?
A. No, please take advantage of the essay to tell us about your past experiences.

Q. Our school year is not officially over until after the first day of your summer program. Would you still encourage me to apply for the REU? 
A. Yes, if accepted in the program we will work with you in finding the best solution so you can start with us as soon as possible without compromising your academic year.

Q. I am currently an undergraduate pursuing my B.S. degree, however I will be graduating in May. Am I still eligible for the internship? 
A. No, you must remain an undergraduate during summer. You can graduate after the summer term is over, but not before.

Q. Is the program solely based on Research with the help of a mentor? Or are there classes involved as well?
A. There are workshops and seminars, but most of the research will take place under the direct advise of a mentor.

Q. Would it be beneficial for me to email the professors who I would be interested in working?
A. If you receive an e-mail stating that you are in the short-list, please feel free to contact potential mentors. Otherwise, please do not to avoid overwhelming our mentors with e-mail. 

Q. Do I have to speak Spanish?
A.No, the program is run in English. However, you will have a chance to learn some Spanish.

Please submit any other questions to us: